Brian Karrels: Certainty in an uncertain future

“I’m a fourth-generation farmer.”

“In 2009, I became my dad’s partner in Lake Breeze Dairy Farm, then transitioned to grain farming in 2013. Now, I farm about 1,800 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat.”

“I love this area and feel lucky to live here. It makes me want to protect it – the air and water. I’m even a member of Clean Farm Families, where farmers share ideas and experiences for how we can be good stewards.”
“In 2020, a community solar company got in touch with me about using my land for solar energy. I know it was important to think towards the future when it comes to renewable energy and the options it will provide – especially as fuel prices continue to rise. It would also create an additional income stream.”

“So, I decided to lease them some land – just over 26 acres. It’s less than 2 percent of the total acreage I farm, so I’ll still be able to do that but have the security of a stable income. Agriculture is less reliable. It’s an ever-changing economy.”

Brian Karrels
Ozaukee County

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