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Over 1,000 Citizens Call on the Wisconsin State Legislature to Legalize Community Solar

These citizens join a growing coalition of Wisconsin Legislators, farmers, businesses, and energy leaders calling on the Legislature to act MADISON, Wis. —  Over 1,000 citizens across the state of Wisconsin have demanded the legislature legalize community solar, a type of small-scale solar that allows households and businesses to subscribe and save money. These constituents, […]

Brian Karrels: Certainty in an uncertain future

“I’m a fourth-generation farmer.” “In 2009, I became my dad’s partner in Lake Breeze Dairy Farm, then transitioned to grain farming in 2013. Now, I farm about 1,800 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat.” “I love this area and feel lucky to live here. It makes me want to protect it – the air and […]

Karl Klessig: Protecting land for the sixth generation

“Our farm was homesteaded in 1850 by my great-great-grandparents, Friedrich August and Elizabeth Klessig.” “My brother, Robert and I are fifth-generation farmers. He and his wife Kathleen, and my wife Liz and I are the owner-operators of Saxon Homestead Farm. We have a sixth generation on the way.” “About three years ago, we got a […]

Garrison Brooks: Protecting Wisconsin’s rural communities

“My family moved to this area in the 50s and have owned this land since the 70s. Then, I bought it from my grandfather in 2005. We’re dairy farmers with about 200 cows, and we raise corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. We also have a small beef herd.” “When I first thought about solar, we […]

Dave Klevesahl: Community solar is a big-picture solution

“My wife’s great-grandpa settled this land when he came from Germany. It’s always been farmland, but it’s hard to farm in dry years. I’m growing wildflowers on it now as a pollinator plot. It’s good for bees, butterflies, birds – and everything else.” “I enjoy nature and the planet we live on, I love the […]

Sam Theiler: A win-win solution for Wisconsin land owners

“Wisconsin is a great state. The people are great, hardworking people. And very loyal. Any time we can, we help each other out.” “My dad and my uncle own about 105 acres in Tomahawk that’s just sitting there not creating revenue. They got it from my grandparents who used it for hunting in the early […]

David Knuth: Supporting our family and our state since 1916

“There have been Knuths on this land since 1916.” “My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all farmers. Now, the land is farmed by someone who rents the land from me.” “I like to give back to the environment. I plant a lot of trees – about 400 this year.”   “About five miles east of me, there’s […]

Dale Hopf: Three generations of Wisconsin stewardship

Dale Hopf: Three generations of Wisconsin stewardship

“My grandfather bought our home farm back in the 40s, then my grandfather and father bought more land as it was available over the next 50 years. Now, we’ve had three generations on the same property.”   “Growing up on a farm, being on the stewardship committee with my work at Kohler, and being married […]