David Knuth: Supporting our family and our state since 1916

“There have been Knuths on this land since 1916.”

“My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all farmers. Now, the land is farmed by someone who rents the land from me.”

“I like to give back to the environment. I plant a lot of trees – about 400 this year.”  

“About five miles east of me, there’s a solar thing going up and all of that energy is going to go out of state. When I first heard about community solar, I really liked that the energy stays in Wisconsin. I think it’s neat that anybody in this state can sign up for it and get lower energy bills, which we really need because they’re so high now. If local businesses could save money on energy, maybe they could raise wages, too.”

“My kids are nine and 15 and they’re excited for this to happen on our land. Renting our land for solar, maybe we’ll be able to go on vacations or save for their college. Maybe I can retire early.” 

“It seemed weird that this isn’t allowed in Wisconsin yet, especially since so many other states have it already. But the utilities companies have got a monopoly going, so why would they want anybody else to get in?”

David Knuth

Sherman, Wisconsin

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