Sam Theiler: A win-win solution for Wisconsin land owners

“Wisconsin is a great state. The people are great, hardworking people. And very loyal. Any time we can, we help each other out.”

“My dad and my uncle own about 105 acres in Tomahawk that’s just sitting there not creating revenue. They got it from my grandparents who used it for hunting in the early 80s.”

“After looking into it, the two of them thought it may be a good idea to put solar energy on that land. With clean energy, you have to start somewhere and they thought it was a good opportunity to be part of it.”

“I have three children, two of them are in college, and leasing that land would help toward those expenses. My parents and my uncle are retired but the extra income always helps, especially right now with high inflation.”

“I didn’t realize that there are certain laws that have to pass in order to do it. I was kind of scratching my head about it. I didn’t understand why anyone would be against it, but I found out it has to do with the utility companies.”

“I’m a capitalist. I think if someone can make money, let’s do it. I’m a firm believer that when anyone has the ability to increase revenue for themselves or their family, it has a positive ripple effect through communities. It’s a win-win situation.”

“I’m not a huge environmentalist, but I care about the planet. I don’t know why anyone would be against this.”

“To be able to do it, a bill has to be passed in Wisconsin, so we have to reach out to our local legislators. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be approved.”

“We’d be very excited to be able to do this – and we’d feel good about it. It’s a reliable clean energy source. It’s all positive. People talk about changing energy. Instead of just talking, we actually want to do it.”

Sam Theiler
Wausau, Wisconsin

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